Terms of Use

Overview of Membership
1. Members of Insane Quest must be at least 18 years of age or older, or 13 or older with parental permission for US residents. A member under the age of 18 states that their parent has given them explicit permission to join Insane Quest.
2. You must reside within the 50 United States or Canada in order to be a member of Insane Quest. All other countries and territories are not eligible to be members of our program.
3. Members are allowed to have one account per household. Multiple accounts in a single household are not permitted. Members can only have one account per computer or Internet connection.
4. Members can only access Insane Quest and their account from their own personal computer and Internet connection. The use of a public or shared computer, proxy server, or public Internet connection is not allowed, and members risk account termination for doing so.
5. If a member’s account becomes compromised, Insane Quest will make every effort to remedy the issue. Security is the sole responsibility of the member, and member may be held accountable for actions taken on their own account. Be sure to use a password that is not easily guessed, and change it frequently.
6. Insane Quest is under no obligation to provide members with any minimum or maximum amount of point earning opportunity offers. Insane Quest makes no promises or guarantees in the amount of points that members can earn on Insane Quest.

Account Termination and Cancellation
A member’s account can be terminated and all earned points and pending rewards forfeited including, but not limited to, the following reasons.
1. A member violates any part of this Terms of Service document.
2. A member spams their referral link in places where it is not wanted.
3. A member attempts to circumvent fraud prevention measures or earns points without actually completing the offer/survey/etc.
4. A member is determined by Insane Quest to be suspected of fraudulent activity on their account.
5. A member posts information online that tells other people how to complete offers in order to earn points and encourages fraud.
6. A member can cancel their account by logging into Insane Quest, clicking the “My Account” button, select “Update Account Information” and select the “Terminate Account” option. Member will receive an email, for security purposes, that contains a link to complete account termination. Member must click said link to close and delete their account. All earned points and any pending rewards will be forfeited immediately upon termination. This action is not reversible and all points and rewards will be lost.
7. If a member decides to terminate or cancel their account and later states it was a mistake, member would have to register again for Insane Quest. Any earned points and pending rewards will not be reinstated, as member is given ample chance to not confirm said cancellation.

Other Terms
1. A member cannot transfer their account to any other person.
2. If a member does not want to receive our daily survey emails, member can edit their email preferences via the “My Account” button on Insane Quest, and select “Update Account Information”. Member can opt-out of individual daily survey invites. Changes to preferences take 72 hours to propagate to all servers.
3. Member will still receive Insane Quest newsletters and other types of general email from Insane Quest. Insane Quest sends up to 2 emails per day to members who have opted-out of individual daily survey invites.
4. Member agrees that emails received are not commercial emails, as member has agreed to receive such mail at time of registration by agreeing to this Terms of Service Agreement.
5. Members are only rewarded for reading an email sent by Insane Quest if the email explicitly states that the member will earn points for doing so.
6. A member of Insane Quest is not an employee, stockholder, or any other vested interest in Insane Quest. A member of Insane Quest would have the relationship of an independent contractor.